Garden Essentials

We have everything to improve your soil, pot up plants and keep them healthy and growing strong.  The healthier plants are, the more resistant to pests and diseases. We have the best potting mixes, mulches and fertilisers for our poor soils and harsh climate in Canberra. 

Join the legion of Canberra district gardeners who swear by Healthy Earth products - found exclusively in Canberra at the Heritage Nursery. 

We stock a range of carefully chosen pest and disease treatments (organic and traditional), monitoring systems and repellents. We encourage sustainable gardening practices and stock organic sprays, fertilisers, physical pest barriers, and Integrated Pest Management products alongside traditional garden chemical controls.  We have years of experience when it comes to what to grow in Canberra's challenging environment. Be assured we will offer plants suitable to our district to the current season, and explain the growing requirements of tricky plants that push the boundaries and have specific needs in order.