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This is a wonderful lawn substitute for moist, semi-shade. Chamomile is a favourite herb for making tea and also a charming annual flower that’s perfect for cottage and other casual gardens.

Growing Tips

Plant out the Chamomile pots 15cm apart in rough but not perfect rows. This will ensure that the plants cover the area at a faster rate when growth starts. Water the lawn well after planting and keep moist until the plants have established themselves and are starting to spread successfully. The lawn can be trimmed at this point with a lawnmower, or shears depending on the size of the lawn. If using the lawnmower, ensure the blades are set on the highest setting. Keep the grass cut frequently to ensure growth. Growing a Chamomile Lawn is the same as a normal lawn. Select the area and then dig it through, removing all weeds and stones. After raking the area you will need to dig into the top layer a suitable balanced lawn fertiliser. This should be applied at 35g to one square metre of soil. Growing a Chamomile Lawn is not difficult but you do need to have a well-drained acidic soil. Chamomile is very low growing and so makes an ideal herb for creating a lawn.


The flowers of the Chamomile Flowering Lawn add a slightly bitter taste to tea. The best time to get a lawn started is spring or autumn. Fertilise regularly to keep the growth lush and watch for weeds, so the lawn has a chance to grow thick without competition.

Herb Attributes

Harvest When needed.
Position Sun to Part Sun
Lifespan Perennial