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Garlic chives are not a type of onion chives but a variety of their own. They are commonly regarded as a major kitchen herb, tasting as its name suggests, like chives with a mild garlic flavour. They look like and grow very much like ordinary chives.

Growing Tips

Garlic chives generally like moist (but not soggy) soil. During their first season, minimise watering to encourage root growth. Garlic chives tolerate heavy harvesting. You can treat them like ordinary chives, pinching off any flower buds that appear, or you can let them flower in the autumn. The buds and flowers are every bit as tasty and edible as the leaves. Garlic chives are dormant in winter.


Garlic chives can be used like regular chives where you want to add a subtle garlic flavour in uncooked dishes where raw, regular garlic would be overwhelming or too spicy. This herb is a great replacement for garlic salts and powdered garlic.

Herb Attributes

Harvest Harvest leaves by cutting some, or even all, being sure though to cut close to the soil level, so the plant “knows” to send up new leaves. If your garlic chives plant seems to be getting woody, prune it all down to about an inch above the soil level.
Position Part to Full Sun
Height 60cm
Lifespan Perennial