Australian Native Plants


Unique, drought tolerant plants with amazing flowers. They are great for the birds and bees!  With over 20,000 different species, it’s no wonder Australian Native Plants are so popular here and overseas.

We stock a big, ever-changing range of shrubs, ferns, trees, fruit, water plants, grasses and climbers which originate from all over Australia.  During the warmer months we offer a selection of ‘Bush Tucker’ plants suited to our climate, including the popular Finger Limes and Mountain Pepper (male and female) when available.

Look out for extra special plants like the Wollemi Pine, Xanthorrhoea (Grass Tree), Red Wattle, Royal Bluebell and Grafted Grevilleas and Eremophilas. 

We have a specially formulated Potting and Planting Mix for Native Plants which will provide excellent conditions for potted specimens or will improve the garden soil.

Photos featured: Acacia covenyi / Eremophila 'Pink Pantha' /  Grevillea x gaudichaudii


      Gaudi Chaudi