We love Plants......We've got a wealth of knowledge... We're keen to educate and inspire !!! 

We love working at the Heritage Nursery and most of us have been here for many years.

As we are all aware, Canberra really does have a very unique climate and is not always the easiest place to maintain a healthy and successful garden. Many of our customers are new and aspiring Gardeners and need a guiding hand to help them on their way to achieving a 'green thumb'. Knowledge of different micro climates in our district, a wide variety of soil types and the challenge of starting a Garden in one of the many brand new suburbs, are some of the regular queries we are here to assist with. 

In August 2017 we welcomed John Cassidy as the NEW owner of the Heritage Nursery. John and his creative team are full of great ideas and are taking the Nursery forward with amazing Innovation & Energy. With both of them having over 15 years experience in Garden centre's (namely Willow Park in Pialligo) and Retail, they are  bringing the Nursery up to the next level, the next step in The Heritage Nurseries evolution as a Premier Garden Centre.

Scott.. our awesome and super switched on Manager.. he's in high demand by his 'adoring fans'... as he is often considered our Garden Guru, but is always happy for a chat and top advice!

We have rare and unusual plants we source from around Australia in our native section, and will make sure you leave with a great understanding all about drainage and siting for many of our special 'treasures'.

Our plant loving team can be found amidst the Roses, Shrubs, Fruit trees, Seedlings, Perennials etc, ready to assist with ALL aspects of garden planning, maintenance and advice for your particular situation. 

The shop team are keeping the shop looking beautiful, while serving all our customers at the register with ease.

Eddie help with all things fixing!

Shaen & Cathy run the Office/ Accounts and Administration as well as keeping track of Membership and back of house Computer systems!

And.... last but not least our wonderful Jin... who keeps everything looking orderly and presentable... our "Friendly Face about the Place!!"

We are all here to help you have a great Nursery experience, so don't hesitate to chat with us regarding all things in your garden.

John with the help of his team took over as the new owners of Willow Park at Pialligo in 2022 and have transformed it into Canberra's newest yet original retail garden nursery, providing an amazing selection for gardeners to perouse and enjoy. 


Check back or email for any updates on job openings...


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