Garden Diseases

Appropriate Fungicide, Insecticide or Treatment

Eco Fungicide

Organic. Kills all parts of the fungus. Very effective. Must mix with a Horticultural Oil.

Kocide Blue

Used by the Organic Federation of Australia. Superior product replacing Bordeaux Spray.

Lime Sulfur

Best applied in winter so plants' leaves do not burn.

Mancozeb Plus

Broad spectrum and very effective.


Environmentally friendly systemic fungicide.


Apple Scab

Kocide Blue

Bacterial Leaf Spot

(Dogwood, Grapes, Magnolias, Mulberries & Tomatoes)

Kocide Blue

Black Spot

(Apples, Roses)

Eco Fungicide, Lime Sulfur, Mancozeb Plus, Triforine

Botrytis (Grey Mould)

Mancozeb Plus

Brown Rot


Kocide Blue, Mancozeb Plus

Downy Mildew

(Grapes, Roses)

Kocide Blue, Mancozeb Plus

Leaf Curl

(Peaches and Nectarines only)

Kocide Blue, Lime Sulfur

Powdery Mildew

Eco Fungicide, Lime Sulfur, Mancozeb Plus, Triforine


Eco Fungicide, Lime Sulfur, Mancozeb Plus, Triforine

Shot Hole

(Ornamental and Fruiting Almond, Apricot, Cherry, Nectarine, Peach, Plum, English and Portuguese Laurel)

Kocide Blue, Mancozeb Plus

Horticulture Advice

We give professional, knowledgeable and relevant advice. Don't hesitate to come to us with a bug problem or disease that is causing strife in the garden. Bring us diseased leaves or bugs in a SEALED JAR OR ZIPLOCK BAG. We will assist in diagnosing and suggesting treatment.

Don’t forget to bring in enough material so we can identify the plant and scope of the problem. We can also do a free soil pH test for you if you bring in a small soil sample from your garden (dig a bit up with a spoon, not your hands).

If you want to find out the name of a plant, please bring in a short length of stem, flowers, much info as you can! Photos of the plant and surroundings are a big help too. Please use our free information resources on our website.

Our Frequently Asked Questions (written by our experts, for our climate) will steer you in the right direction for the growing and caring of a whole range of different plants. Please visit us in-store for horticulture advice, as accurate assessments can not be made over the telephone.

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