Planting a Terrarium

Great for offices, bathrooms, indoor features. Terrariums are wonderful gifts.

Select a clear, glass container and give it a thorough cleaning. There are beautiful, purpose made containers with removable tops. Fish and reptile tanks also make excellent terrariums.

Choose plants which have similar environmental needs - that is, light and moisture. Sun-loving plants will require an open container. The ones which like humidity (ferns, orchids indoor types and carnivorous for example) will enjoy a closed container.

Layer your planting medium:
1. Gravel or pebbles for drainage.
2. A thin layer of charcoal to 'sweeten' the mix and keep everything healthy.
3. Premium potting mix to plant into.

Set out your plants (this is the fun bit) and any shells, stones or ornaments you wish to work into your design.

Remember you are making a miniature landscape - most importantly, be creative and have fun.

When you have planted your terrarium, water to moisten and settle the potting mix.

Closed terrariums may only need watering once every 4 weeks, while open terrariums will need more regular watering. This is a guide only. Watering will vary depending upon plant type and size, light exposure, temperature and time of year. Get to know your plants' needs.

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