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Small clumps of bright green leaves with scalloped edges and a strong scent.

Growing Tips

Needs partial shade in summer and full sun through winter. Well-drained, composted and manured soil.Most easily grown in autumn and winter. It’s a fast-growing herb, so plant every 4 weeks to ensure a steady supply. Feed fortnightly with a high-nitrogen liquid plant food such as Healthy Earth All purpose Liquid. Regular, even watering is needed to maintain rapid growth. Coriander grows and sets seed fairly quickly compared to other herbs.


All plant parts are edible. The fresh leaves and the dried seeds are  most commonly used in cooking. Coriander is common in Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Mediterranean, Indian, South Asian, Mexican, Texan, Latin American, Chinese, African and Southeast Asian cuisine. Coriander roots have a deeper, more intense flavour than the leaves and are used in a variety of Asian cuisines. They are commonly used in Thai dishes, including soups and curry pastes. Coriander, like many spices, contains antioxidants, which can delay or prevent the spoilage of food seasoned with this spice. A study found both the leaves and seed to contain antioxidants, but the leaves were found to have a stronger effect.

Herb Attributes

Harvest Pick leaves, or whole plant, fresh as required.
Position Part to Full Sun
Height 50cm
Width 20cm
Lifespan Annual