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Endive is a lovely salad vegetable (annual), with a slightly bitter taste, providing a nice bit of texture to a salad plate.

Growing Tips

Endive will grow best in your garden as a cool season crop. Curly Endive is the most cold tolerant. If you have a hot spell, try to shade these plants until it passes. The secret to growing Endive is regular watering. If its roots dry out, you will have a very bitter crop.


Endive provides: dietary fibre and a broad range of vitamins and minerals. It is very nutritious. This salad green tastes better and the flavour is enhanced when the leaves are torn rather than chopped. Other ways of using this vegetable in various endive recipes is to either steam the leaves or to braise them. Chopped endive leaves are at times added to some soups. Whatever the recipe may be, it is very important to thoroughly wash the leaves before use.

Herb Attributes

Harvest Covering Endive with straw for a couple of weeks (just before you harvest), will reduce this vegetable’s bitterness. Or you can blanch them by pulling the outside leaves together over the heart of the plant and tie the tips together (so the inside of the plant is covered by the outside). Leave tied up this way in your garden for 2 weeks before harvesting.
Position Full Sun
Height 30cm
Lifespan Annual